Lottery Pop-N-Fold Business Card & Stand

Exclusive Pop-N-Fold Business Card Phone & Tablet Stand

This clever business card phone & tablet stand is a full-color heavyweight card stock that transforms into a sturdy phone stand you'll use every day! Just open the card and the middle section pops up and is ready for your tablet or cell phone in portrait or landscape mode. When finished, simply close the card and it folds together tightly, thanks to the internal magnets that hold it closed, even with repeated use.


  • Thick, Heavyweight business card stock holds phones or tables with ease.
  • Internal, built-in magnets keep folded edges closed for easy transport in your bag or pocket.
  • Seamless, full-color branding on the front, middle, and back provides prime real estate for your branded message
  • Add your business card or event info along with your design to wow your clients.

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Pop-N-fold business card

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